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LOS REYES MAGOS - Procession of the Three Kings

The Three Kings - Baltazar, Gaspar and Melchior - arrive in Xàbia via fishing boat bearing gifts for excited children. There are two processions; one through the port and a second later in the evening through the old town to the Placeta del Convent. Before they go to bed, children will leave their polished shoes out to receive the presents left by their majesties.

Sunday 6th January


This Christian feast day celebrates the revelation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ. It commemorates the visit of the Magi to the Christ Child and His physical manifestation to the Gentiles. A traditional cake known as a 'Roscón' is eaten inside which is hidden two tokens, a image of the baby Jesus and a roasted bean. Whoever finds the latter has to pay for the cake the following year.

Saturday 12th January / Sunday 13th January

SAN ANTONIO ABAD - Burning of the Pine / Blessing of the Animals

A popular festival for pet-owners and animal lovers, it also features the traditional burning of the pine tree in Plaza de San Antonio, warming up the winter night courtesy of the members of CAE Tiraset, followed by the traditional parade of horses and carts and the blessing ceremony of pets and other domestic animals in Plaza de la Constitución.

Thursday 17th January

SAN ANTONIO ABAD - Mass / Blessing of the Animals

This is the feast day of San Antonio Abad and it is celebrated with a special mass at the church of Nuestro Señora de Loreto in the port. A modest procession concludes with a blessing ceremony of pets and others domestic animals on the port promenade with the headland that bears the saint's name as a stunning backdrop.

SAN SEBASTIAN Friday 18th January - Sunday 20th January

SAN SEBASTIAN - Bull Running

San Sebastian has been the patron saint of Xàbia since medieval times when the terrified population of the village prayed to his image for special protection as the 'Black Plague' devastated Europe. Largely forgotten in recent years, the celebrations have been resurrected with the main feature being the controversial bull-running around the church square.

MARCH 2019

CARNAVAL Saturday 2nd March

CARNAVAL - Fancy Dress Processions

In preparation for the start of Lent, the streets of the historic centre of Xàbia are filled with colourful and in many cases innovative fancy dress costumes for a final night of excess before the 40 days of abstinence. There are two parades, the first in early evening for the youngsters with a special show at the end whilst the adult parade takes place late in the evening followed by a disco into the early hours.

Tuesday 19th March (Regional Holiday)

SAN JOSÉ - El Día del Padre

Father's Day in Spain and a regional holiday in the Comunidad Valenciana (it's the final night of the famous 'Fallas' celebrations) so most if not all shops and businesses will be closed or open on a limited basis.

 LA BAIXADA Sunday 24th March

LA BAIXADA DE JESÚS NAZARENO - The Descent of the Image

The Third Sunday of Lent is the day of the traditional descent of the treasured image of Jesús Nazareno from the blue-domed chapel of Calvario to the fortress-church of San Bartolomé in the heart of the historic centre of Xàbia which is accompanied by the people of the town carrying candles to light the way, some covering the route barefoot.

APRIL 2019

DOMINGO DE RAMAS Sunday 14th April


The Sunday before Easter sees a number of special masses in the old town and the port with processions featuring all the family carrying quite wonderful white palm branches woven into intricate shapes and patterns. This is the start of 'Semana Santa', the 'Holy Week' which leads up to the Easter weekend.

EASTER SUNDAY Sunday 21st April

EL DÍA DE SEÑOR - Easter Sunday (National Holiday)

Easter Sunday is a special day and a national holiday. In the churches there are special masses whilst the traditional Easter fair enjoys its third day offering something for everyone in the narrow streets of the historic centre. At midday there is the traditional gathering of peñas and association in the church square, a wonderful chance for friends and family to come together for a few drinks and some snacks.

Monday 22nd April (Regional Holiday)

LUNES DE PASCUA - Easter Monday

The day after Easter Sunday offers the last chance to enjoy the Easter fair and its entertainment and workshops. Most if not all shops and businesses will be closed or open on a limited basis.

XÀBIA FOLK 2018 Friday 26th April - Sunday 28th April

XÀBIA FOLK 2019 - a festival celebrating folk music from around the world

This is a popular folk festival which has free performances in the marquee on the Plaza de la Constitución which the final performance traditionally at midday in the little chapel of Santa Llúcia on the hill of the same name just above the town.

05 (20:00) - Xavier de Bétera (Casa de Cultura)

26 (22.30) - Korrontzi (Plaza de la Constitución)

27 (19:00) - Rascanya (Plaza de la Constitución)

27 (22:30) - Aljibe (Plaza de la Constitución)

28 (12:00) - Mujeres con Raíz (Plaza de la Constitución)

Monday 29th April (Local Holiday)


Being a regional holiday, most if not all business will be closed or open on a limited basis and schools will be closed. The day honours San Vicente Ferrer, the patron saint of Valencia. There will be a special mass but much of the celebration will be centred in the regional capital of Valencia. Due to September 8th falling on a Sunday, this has been designated a local holiday for 2019.

SAN FRANCISCO DE PAULA - to be confirmed


One of the oldest fiestas in Xàbia, it is celebrated with a special mass in the church in Placeta del Convent and a sombre procession around the historic image with the image of San Francisco de Paula.

JESUS NAZARENO to be confirmed


Celebrations honouring the town's treasured image of Jesús Nazareno which arrived in Xàbia just over 250 years ago, a gift from the Duchess of Medinaceli. The fiesta includes bull-running in the Placeta del Convent, live music, decorated flower crosses and the return of the image to the chapel of Calvario which concludes with a grand firework display.

MAY 2019

JESUS NAZARENO Wednesday 1st May (National Holiday)


Being a national holiday, most if not all businesses will be closed or open on a limited basis. In Xàbia it is the day when the flower crosses are revealed in their full glory and in the evening there is a chance to visit them all in the company of the minstrels of La Tuna de Xàbia who will stop and sing a few songs at each cross in honour of their creators. Everyone can get involved - there's drinks and snacks for all as well.

JESUS NAZARENO Friday 3rd May (Local Holiday)

LA SUBIDA - the ascent of the treasured image of Jesús Nazareno

This is a local holiday, most if not all businesses will be closed or open on a limited basis. This is the final day of the celebrations honouring the treasured image of Jesús Nazareno and there will be a special midday mass followed by the deafening mascletà. In the evening the image will be carried back to the chapel of Calvario and a firework display will bring everything to an end.

Sunday 5th May

DÍA DEL MADRE - Mother's Day

JUNE 2019

SAN JOAN Friday 14th June - Monday 24th June


These fantastic ten days in June form arguably the biggest party of the year in Xàbia with bull-running, live music and entertainment, competitions, theatre, traditional music and dancing, activities for children, the famous fire-jumping of 'Nit dels Focs' and the final night musical fireworks and symbolic burning of the fogueras.

SAN JOAN Monday 24th June (Regional Holiday)


Being a regional holiday, most if not all business will be closed or open on a limited basis. This is the final day of the Fogueres de Sant Joan with a special mass, the deafening mascletà and the burning of the two fogueras with the stunning musical firework display sandwiched in between. It's the final night of the biggest party of the year - but we're already thinking of next year!

INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL Thursday 27th June - Saturday 29th June


Representatives of countries from across the world offer traditional food and drink in this popular three-day festival with a wide range of accompanying live music and entertainment.

JULY 2019

MOROS I CRISTIANS DE XÀBIA Saturday 13th July - Sunday 21st July

MOROS I CRISTIANS DE XÀBIA - The Moors & Christians of Xàbia

This is one of the noisiest and colourful fiestas of the year which commemorates the Christian reconquest of the Iberian peninsula and honours Santiago Matamoros - Saint James the Moorslayer - who is the patron saint of Spain and whose remains are supposed to lie in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. The week involves music, reenactments and conclude with the fantastic gala parades.

VIRGEN DEL CARMEN Tuesday 16th July

VIRGEN DEL CARMEN - The mariner's fiesta

The seafarer's fiesta of thanksgiving features a special mass followed by a short and rather modest procession through the port to the water's edge in the harbour when the image is carried aboard a fishing boat and taken out to the centre of the bay of Jávea accompanied by a huge flotilla of boats to make the traditional offering of flowers.


LA PLANA - to be confirmed

MARE DE DÉU DEL ANGELES - The fiesta of La Plana

This is a very traditional fiesta which takes place on the plateau of La Plana around the Sanctuario de Nuestra Señora de los Angeles which stores the treasured painting which was found amongst bushes after being thought lost for many years. The fiesta features a procession, community dinner with music and dancing as well as activities for the kids.

XÀBIA JAZZ - to be confirmed

XÀBIA JAZZ 2019 - The International Summer Music Festival

The international jazz music festival has become one of the most popular musical festivals in the region with an impressive programme of national and international performers from the world of jazz performing to packed houses every night for three nights in the Plaza de la Constitución. The festival has complementary activities such as special menus in local restaurants and music in the streets.

PORTITXOL Saturday 10th August - Sunday 11th August

FIESTA PORTITXOL - A celebration of Valencian culture

Revived after a 50 year hiatus, the fiesta of Portitxol celebrates the culture of the Valencian region including the music played with dulzaina and drums, the traditional dancing with its intricate moves and the sense of community as people come together to enjoy the music, the dancing and a special picnic together right next to the famous Tosca cross of Portitxol.

Thursday 15th August (National Holiday)

LA ASUNCIÓN DE LA VIRGEN - The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

This Catholic feast day celebrates the belief that God assumed the Virgin Mary into Heaven following her death. Being a national holiday, most if not all shops and businesses will be closed or open on a limited basis.

PORT FIESTA - to be confirmed


This popular fiesta takes place in the port and is the latter bookend of summer, the Fogueres de Sant Joan kicking things off in June. There is a divisive 'bous a la mar' with its famous 'baret dels bous' with its fantastic seafood tapas, the sports day, live music, shows, community dinners, children's activities and the famous aquatic firework display with brings it all to a spectacular close.


THE PORT FIESTA Sunday 8th September

EL DÍA DE MARE DÉU DE LORETO - the feast day of the patron saint of the port

This is the final day of the port fiesta and a local holiday which means that most shops and business will be closed or open on a limited basis. It is a long day with a solemn mass and procession of the main protagonists and representatives, the deafening 'mascletà', another procession with the image of the blessed virgin and the spectacular fireworks over the sea which brings it all to an end.

VIRGEN DEL POPÚL Thursday 12th September


The fiesta that honours the Virgen del Popúl involves a traditional pilgrimage to the little chapel of the same name which lies alongside the Jesús Pobre road below the stunning cliffs of the Montgó massif. There is a special mass and then snacks and drinks for all. Although the feast day in September 12th, the pilgrimage and mass tends to take place on the nearest Sunday.


VALENCIAN DAY Wednesday 9th October (Regional Holiday)


This is a regional holiday and most if not all shops and businesses will be closed or open on a limited basis. In Xàbia the main event is the October 9th Civic Awards in the council chambers at the town hall during which individuals and groups are honoured with the trophies for civic values and solidarity. Quite often there is a traditional entertainment in the church square after the formal proceedings.

Saturday 12th October (National Holiday)


A celebration of being Spanish - but not so much in Xàbia. It's also an important day for Zaragoza who celebrate 'Las Fiestas del Pilar' and it's a special day for the Guardia Civil, the oldest law enforcement agency in Spain, since the 'Nuestra Señora del Pilar' is the organisation's patron saint. Most if not all shops and businesses will be closed or open on a limited basis.


Friday 1st November (National Holiday)


A time to remember friends and family who are no longer with us. Most if not all shops and businesses will be closed or open on a limited basis.


Friday 6th December (National Holiday)


This day marks the referendum which unanimously accepted the 1978 Spanish Constitution as the country transitioned to democracy after the death of the dictator Franco. Most if not all shops and businesses will be closed or open on a limited basis.

Sunday 8th December (National Holiday)

INMACULADA CONCEPCIÓN - Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

This day marks the moment that God acted upon the soul of the Virgin Mary whilst she was in the womb to keep her "immaculate". It also marks the start of Christmas in Spain. Most if not all shops and businesses will be closed or open on a limited basis.

SANTA LLÚCIA Friday 13th December

SANTA LLÚCIA - The bringer of light

On the evening before there is an informal procession through the streets of the historic centre to announce the arrival of the fiesta of Santa Llúcia. On the day itself there is a pilgrimage to the top of the hill of the same name to the chapel for a special mass and a procession around the top of the hill with the images of Santa Llúcia and Santa Bárbara.

Wednesday 25th December(National Holiday)

NAVIDAD - Christmas Day

Christmas Eve is the big night in Spain when families come together to enjoy a special meal, exchange a little gift and then party the night away for "no-one sleeps on Christmas Eve". So Christmas Day itself is a modest affair of walks along the seashore or in the mountains, a family lunch and plenty of rest. Most if not all shops and businesses will be closed or open on a limited basis.

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