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July 2015

Spanish House Price Increases Almost Double the Eurozone’s

Spanish House Price Increases Almost Double the Eurozone’s

The price of housing in Spain registered a 1.6% increase in the first quarter of 2015, compared with the same period of 2014, according to recent data published by the European Commission statistical office, Eurostat, which is almost double the increase registered in the eurozone in the same period, where the prices rose by 0.9%.

Across the whole of the European Union (EU) the average increase in housing prices was 2.5% in the first quarter.

The greatest price increases were registered in Ireland (16.8%), Sweden (11.6%), Hungary (9.7%) and the United Kingdom (8.5%), while in contrast, El Mundo reported that the sharpest declines were recorded in Lithuania (-5.8%), Italy (-3.3%), France (-1.6%) and Slovenia (-1.4%).

Quarter-on-quarter, compared with the last quarter of 2014, housing values in Spain fell by 0.5%, while they increased both in the eurozone (+0.3%) as well as in the EU (+0.6%) 

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Moors and Christians Festival Javea


Beginning on Saturday at 20'45 hours, the fiesta will be announced in the Port with rockets firing and the ornamental lights being switched on. Shortly afterwards you can enjoy a parade through the streets of the port as they to pick up their kabilas and groups who will take to the stage installed on Avenida Jaume I at 22.00 to show off their costumes and their standards .


History of the Moors and Christians

Almost 800 years of coexistence between Muslims and Christians gives a lot of substance for the festival of Moors and Christians. You can participate in this historical play almost every month in some town or village of the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

There is hardly a castle without a role in the struggle for supremacy over Al-Andalus, an Arabic name for the land ruled by Muslims in 711-1492. In its widest it covered modern Spain, except for Asturias, most of Portugal and the southern part of France.

Fights between Moors and Christians lasted almost 800 years

In some towns the stage performance goes on for days, featuring the most important phases of local history. The scenes of many battles, schemes and alliances take place in town squares, castles, harbours etc.

Most of the plays start from the reconquest, the process by which Christians reconquered the Iberian peninsula. Depending on the town, the closing scene of the play involves the conversion of Moors to Christianity or their expulsion to Africa.



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As well as weddings they have several packages available including Family packages, Boys and Girls packages, Corporate Bonding, Spa Break and a Land and Sea package.  They arrange everything so all you have to do is turn up with your guests and enjoy the experience.

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Javea's Beaches Ready for High Season

Javea’s beaches welcome the summer with all its services and surveillance at full capacity. Today the mayor, José Chulvi, and the councillors for Tourism, Pilar Zamora, Environment, Doris Courcelles, and Services, Kika Mata, hoisted the blue flag on the Arenal beach.

Today the protection of the beaches provided by the Red Cross is working at full capacity, with a staff of 45 professionals, including lifeguards and health emergencies technicians. The schedule will be 11.00 to 19.00 hours on the beaches of La Grava, Granadella, Portitxol and Benisero, and 10.00-20.00 hours on the Arenal, the busiest bathing area and this year there is a new bathing system with a chair located on the south side of the beach.

This beach has also launched a bathing service thanks to Red Cross volunteers. The president of the organisation, José Luis Domenech, explained that there are now three amphibious chairs that allow people with reduced mobility to enjoy the sea. Those interested in enjoying this service can apply by phone at the local headquarters (965791961) and will be collected from their own homes by volunteers with a suitable vehicle, to take them to the beach to enjoy a swim and then accompany them to their home.

There is a new defibrillator, on the Portitxol beach to quickly address any cardiac crisis.

In addition to the security measures, the beaches of Xàbia also provide attractions, with parasols and play platforms on the Arenal, Grava and Granadella.