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September 2016

Javea Fire Fund


We have all been left devastated by the recent events of mindless arsonists who have destroyed so much of our beautiful town.  Our fire and rescue services showed such bravery and risked their lives.  Many people have now found themselves homeless.  I think the message below from our Mayor says it all.


" Good morning, we got up with rage and despair after seeing an important part of our town turned to smoke. When the mountain and houses are burning and the security of our neighbours is affected, a part of us breaks. In these terrible hours we have seen and we have suffered a lot of pain, but we have also seen examples of work, effort and solidarity that we will not forget.

Personally I have lived through some very hard moments of uncertainty and concern. From the PMA (Advanced Command), from the police car inside the perimeter and even from the helicopter featured in the fire, I was next to all the people who have fought against a truly devastating fire. My feeling towards all of them is genuine admiration and respect.

So I want to thank all the personnel who participated in the work of firefighting, safety, coordination and information: Local Police of Xàbia, Civil Protection, Red Cross, Fire Brigade, Civil Guard, Forest Brigades, Military Unit emergency 112 & personnel of the Generalitat Valenciana, volunteers, etc …

I also want to acknowledge the solidarity of our neighbouring towns, which offered effective Police and Civil Protection so that our people could rest and get to everything.

But my thoughts are especially with the residents of Jávea. What you have done since the fateful Sunday afternoon until now, your solidarity, your willingness to help wherever necessary and what was needed, your character to overcome the tragedy together makes me feel very proud of our people. The Fiestas Commission of the Virgin of Loreto, the peñas, businesses, men and women who have offered food and shelter … are amazing.

As for my fellow Councillors, you have also done a great job soldiering on relentlessly without rest, wherever you could help, getting involved in the situation and accompanying and serving people: Isabel Bolufer, Antonio Miragall, Doris Courcelles, Quico Moragues, Pilar Zamora Selva, Paco Torres, Marta Bañuls, Cesc Camprubi, Kika Mata Sapena, Ximo Segarra Fornés, Montse Villaverde Retamero, Jose Luis Luengo Medina, Pepa Gisbert Villaplana, Vicent Colomer, Juan Ortolá, Juanjo García, Teresa Bisquert Vendrell: you have all done a great job!

Finally, as Mayor of Xàbia, but mostly as a neighbour of this town, I will say that we have had our trees and houses burned, but not our will; not the great determination of our people, and we will rebuild at all costs.

Neighbours: courage, strength and we continue to work together."

We have started a Crowdfunding to try and raise some money for people who have lost everything.  If you would like to make a donation, no matter how small, it would be greatly appreciated. Just click on the link below and it will open in a new window.  Thank you!