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April 2017

Chiringuito Time

Javea Chiringuitos/Beach Bars
Summer is fast approaching and what better way to wind away the hours sitting at one of the many sea front chiringuitos that are now setting up in Javea.  What is a chiringuito?  It is one of those words that cannot be translated from Spanish to English.  Beach bar is as close as I can get but this does not do it justice.  All chiringuitos have two things in common, a drink menu and a spectacular view.  A place to sit and relax in the beautiful sunshine watching the world go by

The chiringuitos of Spain are an essential part of the beach and holiday atmosphere and they can be found on just about every popular beach in Spain.  They normally set up from May through to October.

The chiringuitos of Spain have an interesting history dating back to the 1920s.  it is widely believed chiringuitos originated in the 1950s when forward thinking fishermen’s wives realised there may be a demand for fresh fish and cold drinks as foreign tourists began to trickle onto the beaches of the fishing villages of Spain.

The early day chiringuitos were very often nothing more than an overturned boat used to serve up tapas and drinks.  As business increased the shrewdest fishing families decided to build wooden kiosks.   Whether you live here all year round or just visit, it is this time of year that we all look forward to that has become a Spanish tradition.