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July 2018

Javea Moors and Christians 2018

Moors & Christians 2018 Fiesta in Javea on the Costa Blanca: July 2018



Like every year during the month of July, Duanes de la Mar will celebrate the Moors and Christians. This fiesta, filled with history, music and color, commemorate a historical past of struggle and coexistence between two cultures, Muslim and Christian. You will see parades, the landing of the Moors, the feria of Cristianos & Moros, and much more.



Saturday 15th July 2017

21:00 h. Parade through the streets of Duanes, to collect in the cuartels and kabilas to the

representatives of the participants who will take part in the presentation.

22:00 h. Official presentation of "Moros I Cristians 2017” in Avenida Jaime I followed by performanceof Trio Acuario until 03:30 h.

00:30 h. Dinner for participants in the Avenida Jaime I.


Sunday 16th July 2017

10:00 h. Playground Multiadventure in Avenida Jaime I.

20:30 h. XIV Festive Music Concert in Sevilla street, offered by the Xabia Artistic Music Center.


Monday 17th July 2017

21:00 h. Visit the Arenal Beach. Little parade along Paseo del tenista David Ferrer followed by snacks for all participants


Tuesday 18th July 2017

20:00 h. Visit the old town, with parade through the streets

and flower offering to the niche of the fiesta patron San Jaime in Calle San Jaime.


Wednesday 19th July 2017

9:30 h. Table of food collecting in favour of Caritas in the supermarkets Mas y Mas and Coaliment of the Avenida Jaime I, organised by the Junta de Festes de Moros i Cristians. Until 14:00 h.

20:45 h. Offering of flowers to San Jaime

In this same Act, will be a donation of food to Caritas by the filaes and Junta de Festes.

23:00 h. Fellowship Dinner in Sevilla street with mobile disco until 03:00 h.


Thursday 20th July 2017

21:00 h. Blessing of the Castle Paseo Jaime I

21:30 h. Landing of the Moors

22:00 h. "Embajada” (negotiation) and surrender of the castle to the moorish troops

on Paseo Jaime I.

23:30 h. Mobile Disco at Calle Triana (until 03:00h)

00:00 h. Batukada with Katuba


Friday 21st July 2017

11:00 h. Children's Moors and Christians parade

17:00 h. Valencian pilota tournament at Calle Virgen de Loreto

21:00 h. Gun battle between Moors and Christians on La Grava beach

21:00 h. "Embajada” (negotiation) and surrender of the castle by the Christian troops

on Paseo Jaime I.

22:30 h. Live Music in the Manuel Bordes Valls street until 03:30h.

23:30 h. Motivation Sound Experience with Christian Blond in Paseo de la Grava (until 03:30h)


Saturday 22nd July 2017

11:00 h. Parade of Fila Capitana and Junta de Festes, visiting cuartels and kabilas.

19:30 h. Entrance of Musical Bands.

20:30 h. Gala parade of the Moors and Christians Companies.

23:30 h. Mobile Disco "Mora y Cristiana", in Dr. Fleming street until 04:00 h.

00:30 h. Correfoc


Sunday 23rd July 2017

10:00 h. Children’s Day with water games in the outdoor area of the Sports Pavilion.

10:30 h. "Chocolatada" offered by Abanderadas in the outdoor area of the Sports Pavilion.

To participate, is recomended the use of clothes and footwear appropriate to the nature

of this act.

Please, don't use umbrellas and parasols in order to avoid possible damage

to the participants. Participation is free, and who does it assume personal risks

involved, refusing to assign responsibility to the organizers of the event.

12:00 h. Solemn Mass in honour of San Jaime those who passed away

19:00 h. Entrance of Musical Bands

20:00 h. Gala parade of the Moors and Christians Companies. After that, Fireworks.


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