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Javea Moors and Christians 2018

Moors & Christians 2018 Fiesta in Javea on the Costa Blanca: July 2018



Like every year during the month of July, Duanes de la Mar will celebrate the Moors and Christians. This fiesta, filled with history, music and color, commemorate a historical past of struggle and coexistence between two cultures, Muslim and Christian. You will see parades, the landing of the Moors, the feria of Cristianos & Moros, and much more.



Saturday 15th July 2017

21:00 h. Parade through the streets of Duanes, to collect in the cuartels and kabilas to the

representatives of the participants who will take part in the presentation.

22:00 h. Official presentation of "Moros I Cristians 2017” in Avenida Jaime I followed by performanceof Trio Acuario until 03:30 h.

00:30 h. Dinner for participants in the Avenida Jaime I.


Sunday 16th July 2017

10:00 h. Playground Multiadventure in Avenida Jaime I.

20:30 h. XIV Festive Music Concert in Sevilla street, offered by the Xabia Artistic Music Center.


Monday 17th July 2017

21:00 h. Visit the Arenal Beach. Little parade along Paseo del tenista David Ferrer followed by snacks for all participants


Tuesday 18th July 2017

20:00 h. Visit the old town, with parade through the streets

and flower offering to the niche of the fiesta patron San Jaime in Calle San Jaime.


Wednesday 19th July 2017

9:30 h. Table of food collecting in favour of Caritas in the supermarkets Mas y Mas and Coaliment of the Avenida Jaime I, organised by the Junta de Festes de Moros i Cristians. Until 14:00 h.

20:45 h. Offering of flowers to San Jaime

In this same Act, will be a donation of food to Caritas by the filaes and Junta de Festes.

23:00 h. Fellowship Dinner in Sevilla street with mobile disco until 03:00 h.


Thursday 20th July 2017

21:00 h. Blessing of the Castle Paseo Jaime I

21:30 h. Landing of the Moors

22:00 h. "Embajada” (negotiation) and surrender of the castle to the moorish troops

on Paseo Jaime I.

23:30 h. Mobile Disco at Calle Triana (until 03:00h)

00:00 h. Batukada with Katuba


Friday 21st July 2017

11:00 h. Children's Moors and Christians parade

17:00 h. Valencian pilota tournament at Calle Virgen de Loreto

21:00 h. Gun battle between Moors and Christians on La Grava beach

21:00 h. "Embajada” (negotiation) and surrender of the castle by the Christian troops

on Paseo Jaime I.

22:30 h. Live Music in the Manuel Bordes Valls street until 03:30h.

23:30 h. Motivation Sound Experience with Christian Blond in Paseo de la Grava (until 03:30h)


Saturday 22nd July 2017

11:00 h. Parade of Fila Capitana and Junta de Festes, visiting cuartels and kabilas.

19:30 h. Entrance of Musical Bands.

20:30 h. Gala parade of the Moors and Christians Companies.

23:30 h. Mobile Disco "Mora y Cristiana", in Dr. Fleming street until 04:00 h.

00:30 h. Correfoc


Sunday 23rd July 2017

10:00 h. Children’s Day with water games in the outdoor area of the Sports Pavilion.

10:30 h. "Chocolatada" offered by Abanderadas in the outdoor area of the Sports Pavilion.

To participate, is recomended the use of clothes and footwear appropriate to the nature

of this act.

Please, don't use umbrellas and parasols in order to avoid possible damage

to the participants. Participation is free, and who does it assume personal risks

involved, refusing to assign responsibility to the organizers of the event.

12:00 h. Solemn Mass in honour of San Jaime those who passed away

19:00 h. Entrance of Musical Bands

20:00 h. Gala parade of the Moors and Christians Companies. After that, Fireworks.


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Javea Fiestas 2018

January 2018


LOS REYES MAGOS · Procession of the Three Kings
The Three Kings - Baltazar, Gaspar and Melchior - arrive in Xàbia

via fishing boat bearing gifts for excited children. There are two

processions; one through the port and a second later in the evening

through the old town to the Placeta del Convent.
[Click here to discover more about LOS REYES MAGOS]


National Holiday
· most if not all businesses and shops will be closed



Burning of the Pine Tree / Blessing of the Animals
A popular festival for pet-owners and animal lovers, it also features

the traditional burning of the pine tree in Plaza de San Antonio, warming

up the winter night courtesy of the members of CAE Tiraset, followed by

the blessing ceremony of pets and other domestic animals in Plaza de la

[Click here to discover more about SAN ANTONIO ABAD]



Blessing of the Animals
The actual feast of San Antonio Abad is celebrated with a special

Mass in the church of Nuestro Señora de Loreto in the port followed

by a short procession and a blessing ceremony of pets and other

domestic animals on the port promenade.
[Click here to discover more about SAN ANTONIO ABAD]


SAN SEBASTIAN · Bull Running
San Sebastian has been the patron saint of Xàbia since medieval

times when the terrified population of the village prayed to his image

for special protection as the 'Black Plague' devastated Europe. Largely

forgotten in recent years, the celebrations have been resurrected with

bull-running around the church square.
[Click here to discover more about SAN SEBASTIAN]

February 2018


CARNAVAL · Fancy Dress Processions
Kids and Adults Procession through the Historic Centre of Xàbia



La Baixada de Jesús Nazareno
Third Sunday of Lent - the traditional descent of the treasured image

of Jesús Nazareno from the blue-domed chapel of Calvario to the

fortress-church of San Bartolomé in the heart of the historic centre of Xàbia.
[Click here to discover more about JESUS NAZARENO]


SAN JOSÉ(El Día del Padre) · Fathers Day
Autonomous Holiday - most shops and businesses will be closed or open

on a limited basis


Domingo de Ramas · Palm Sunday
Special Mass and Processions with Palms


National Holiday
· most if not all businesses and shops will be closed

or open on a limited basis Traditional Solemn Good Friday Candle-lit

Procession through the historic centre



EL DÍA DE SEÑOR· Easter Sunday
Special Mass / Meeting of Peñas and Associations in the church square


LUNES DE PASCUA· Easter Monday
Autonomous Holiday - most shops and businesses will be closed or

open on a limited basis


SAN VICENTE FERRER· Patron Saint of Valencia
Autonomous Holiday - some shops and businesses will be closed or

open on a limited basis


The treasured image of Jesús Nazareno arrived in Xàbia two and half

centuries ago. In 1834, as cholera swept through the region, the population

prayed to the image for salvation and there were no more deaths. In 1967

the image was named 'mayor in perpetuity' on its 200th anniversary and in

2017 the town celebrated 250 years.
[Click here to discover more about JESUS NAZARENO]



National Holiday
· most if not all businesses and shops will be closed

or open on a limited basis



Flower Crosses and Rise of the Image
Local Holiday
· most businesses and shops will be closed or

open on a limited basis The final day of the celebrations in honour of

Jesús Nazareno, the treasured image is carried back to the blue-domed

chapel of Calvario, followed by fireworks.


EL DÍA DEL MADRE· Mother's Day



Arguably the biggest party of the year in Xàbia, the Fogueres features

bull-running, live music, inter-peña games, musical parades, paella

competitions, sports events, children's activities, the famous fire-jumping

of 'Nit dels Focs' and the final night musical fireworks and symbolic burning

of the fogueras.
[Click here to discover more about FOGUERES DE SANT JOAN]


Representatives of countries from across the world offer traditional

food and drink in this popular three-day festival with a wide range of

accompanying live music and entertainment.





The noisy and colourful fiesta celebrating the Christian reconquest of Spain

and staged in honour of San Jaume the Moorslayer. The programme includes

concerts, processions, flower offering, the Islamic invasion followed by the

Christian recon quest and finishes with the fantastic gala parades.
[Click here to discover more about MOROS I CRISTIANS]


The seafarer's fiesta of thanksgiving which features a special mass, short

procession through the port and then the journey of a flotilla of boats into

the centre of the bay of Jávea to make the traditional offering of flowers.



Traditional fiesta celebrated on the plateau of La Plana around the

Santuario de Ntra. Sra. de los Angeles with processions, community

meals, live music and activities for children.
[Click here to discover more about FIESTA LA PLANA]


The popular annual international jazz festival in Plaza de la Constitución.


A celebration of traditional music and dancing next to the Tosca stone

cross of Portitxol overlooking the island of the same name. The weekend

features a procession, entertainment, music and dancing as well as a

community dinner and traditional games.
[Click here to discover more about FIESTA PORTITXOL]



Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
National Holiday
· most if not all businesses and shops will be closed

or open on a limited basis


The popular fiesta in the port with the controversial and divisive but

very popular 'Bous a la Mar' with its famous 'Baret dels Bous' with its

fantastic seafood tapas, sports day, children's activities, live music,

concerts, shows, community dinners, processions and the aquatic fireworks.
[Click here to discover more about FIESTA LORETO]



Local Holiday
· most businesses and shops will be closed or open

on a limited basis. The final day of the celebrations in honour of Mare de

Déu de Loreto with the solemn procession and the stunning fireworks finale.
[Click here to discover more about FIESTA LORETO]


Traditional pilgrimage to the chapel of Popúl on the Jesús Pobre road

for a special mass followed by snacks.




Day of the Valencian Community
Autonomous Holiday
· most businesses and shops will be closed or

open on a limited basis includes the annual Vila de Xàbia community

awards at the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia.


EL DÍA DE LA HISPANIDAD · National Day of Spain
National Holiday
· most if not al businesses and shops will be closed

or open on a limited basis



TODOS LOS SANTOS · All Saint's Day
National Holiday
· most if not all businesses and shops will be closed or

open on a limited basis



National Holiday
· most if not all businesses and shops will be closed or

open on a limited basis



Inmaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgen Mary
National Holiday
· most if not all businesses and shops will be closed or

open on a limited basis


The pilgrimage to the chapel on top of the hill of Santa Llúcia for a special

mass and procession of the images of Santa Llúcia and Santa Barbára

around the building. The evening before, there is an informal procession

around the historic centre.
[Click here to discover more about FIESTA SANTA LLÚCIA]


NAVIDAD · Christmas Day
National Holiday
· most if not all businesses and shops will be closed

or open on a limited basis








Celebration of the Three Kings






Celebration of the Three Kings

Santa Claus may have gone back to the North Pole to rest, but it doesn’t mean the gift-giving (and receiving) is over - For many Christians, the holiday season doesn’t officially end until the 12th day of Christmas known as the "Feast of the Epiphany” or "Three Kings' Day”.
In Spain, children and many adults polish and leave their shoes ready for the Kings' presents before they go to bed on the 5th of January.  Sweet wine, nibbles, fruit and milk are left for the Kings and their camels.  This is similar to children leaving mince pies or cookies and milk out for Santa Claus or Father Christmas.
The Three Kings Fiesta is the main celebration of Christmas in Javea.
On January 5th the Three Kings arrive in the port of Jávea by fishing trawler to be greeted by local dignitaries, the municipal band and of course hundreds of excited children. A colourful procession winds through the streets of the port to a special stage where their majesties will hand out token presents to the kids who have been waiting patiently in the square. As night falls, the procession climbs up into the old town, the escorts showering excited children with boiled sweets, and arrives at another special stage where more token presents are dished out. The evening has always been a special one in the Christmas calendar when children and adults can expect to receive their presents.
Three Kings Parade - Tuesday, 5th January 2018
17:00h  The Magic Kings arrive at the port and parade in the streets:
              C/Duanas up to Av. Jaume I, where they will greet the Children
19:00h  The Kings will depart to the Historic Centre where the parade will continue
             up to Plazeta del Convento.


Chiringuito Time

Javea Chiringuitos/Beach Bars
Summer is fast approaching and what better way to wind away the hours sitting at one of the many sea front chiringuitos that are now setting up in Javea.  What is a chiringuito?  It is one of those words that cannot be translated from Spanish to English.  Beach bar is as close as I can get but this does not do it justice.  All chiringuitos have two things in common, a drink menu and a spectacular view.  A place to sit and relax in the beautiful sunshine watching the world go by

The chiringuitos of Spain are an essential part of the beach and holiday atmosphere and they can be found on just about every popular beach in Spain.  They normally set up from May through to October.

The chiringuitos of Spain have an interesting history dating back to the 1920s.  it is widely believed chiringuitos originated in the 1950s when forward thinking fishermen’s wives realised there may be a demand for fresh fish and cold drinks as foreign tourists began to trickle onto the beaches of the fishing villages of Spain.

The early day chiringuitos were very often nothing more than an overturned boat used to serve up tapas and drinks.  As business increased the shrewdest fishing families decided to build wooden kiosks.   Whether you live here all year round or just visit, it is this time of year that we all look forward to that has become a Spanish tradition.  

Spain set for a more robust property market in 2017 as prices rise

Spain Set for a Bumper Year on Property Sales


Demand from international buyers will remain fundamental necessity to help the Spanish property market continue its recovery and it remains to be seen if Brexit results in a fall in British interest.

Overall experts point out that 2016 was a positive year for the real estate market with prices having bottomed out the year before and modest price rises seen in some locations.

It is likely that locations with lower prices could become more in demand in 2017 as buyers still want a bargain and there is likely to be some uncertainty around the UK formally beginning the process of leaving the European Union and elections in France and Germany.

According to Lucas Fox International Properties the last 12 months were a turning point for the property market in Spain. Co-founder Alexander Vaughan said that the
recovery continued throughout 2016 and price increases moved beyond the big cities such as Barcelona and Madrid and desirable second home destinations.

‘We believe that a growing economy, low financing costs, good potential for rental returns and capital appreciation will continue to drive sales throughout 2017 and beyond,’ he said.

But his firm has found that Brexit had a noticeable effect on sales to British buyers in the second half of 2016 but he believes that this was mainly due to the depreciation of the pound rather than concerns about the country’s future in Europe.

‘Across Spain as a whole Brits still dominate foreign sales with nearly a fifth of the market share, more than double that of French buyers, he pointed out, adding that diminishing demand for high end homes in London following Brexit could also see non-EU citizens look to Madrid or Barcelona in the forthcoming months.


‘We also expect that demand for Spanish property from other foreign buyers, including from the United States and the Middle East, will continue its upward trend throughout 2017. We’ll see new low cost flights from British Airways and Norwegian Airlines from the US to Barcelona during 2017, a reflection of the growing attraction of cities like Barcelona for Americans, as both a tourist and second home destination,’ he concluded.

New homes are expected to be built in Valencia in 2017, signalling that developers think the demand will be there, according to Juan Luis Herrero, a partner with Lucas Fox in the region.
‘Regarding re-sale properties, we forecast a continued upward swing, especially now that the uncertain political situation which prevailed during 2016 has come to an end. The return of mortgage credit and low interest rates will continue to fuel this trend,’ he said.

Demand is also expected to rise on the Costa Brava, especially in traditionally sought after coastal villages such as Llafranc, Calella de Palafrugell and Begur. ‘These are the areas where we are likely to see the first increases when prices begin to rise,’ said Tom Maidment, a partner with Lucas Fox Costa Brava.

He also expects to see an increase in buyers from the United States but thinks second home buyers from the UK will hold off until there are firm indications of what deals will be done once the UK begins the formal process of leaving the EU which should start with the triggering of Article 50 before the end of March 2017 and the impact this might have on Sterling.

Prices could fall further in Marbella as developers reach out to foreign buyers, according to Stephen Lahiri of Lucas Fox’s office in the region. ‘The increase of new projects is leading to increased competition and developers are increasingly focusing on prices and payment terms and value for money,’ he explained.

Richard Speigal, head of research at Spanish property portal Kyero, pointed out that house sales in Spain have recorded a 15% rise on the previous year and seen 10 consecutive quarters of growth, which means that the Spanish property market crash has officially ended.

‘Spain’s market has two unusual advantages. Firstly, it had nowhere to go but up. The 2008 crisis completely shredded the housing market. Secondly, Spain has incredible international appeal and with one in five property sales going to foreigners, it can endure weak local demand,’ he said.

‘British, French, German, Dutch, Belgian, Italian and Swedish buyers are picking up the slack, which has been good news for the wider market and for those involved in selling property in Spain,’ he explained.

He believes that there is still pent up demand from potential British buyers, citing figures that show that overseas searches for Spanish property via Kyero reached all-time highs after the referendum vote in June, up over 50% on 2015. The portal’s largest agents also reported seeing record attendance at UK investor shows.

He predicts that older British home owners with no mortgages on their properties and looking for a holiday home will be tempted to buy in Spain in 2017 and beyond. ‘In short, British buyers age 50 plus who love Spain are sitting on huge equity piles and Brexit didn’t diminish their wealth and as a group, British buyers are getting richer,’ said Speigal.

But he warned that they will haggle over prices and will want to get value for their money. ‘The hunt for value will translate to a key trend in the Spanish property market in 2017 with buyers seeking good value properties that offset the drop in Sterling’s value. Evidence is already emerging of the benefits of this on lower priced destinations, which look set to boom in 2017,’ he added.

Hi top tips for 2017 include Almeria where traditional charm attracts overseas buyers. In the third quarter of 2016 sales were up year on year by 93% and with an average price of €129,000 properties are seen as good value, almost half the cost of the national average on the portal.

Prices are also lower on average in Alicante where international buyers have more property than any other province in Spain. While this could make it susceptible to shocks, Speigal says it’s strengths are hard to beat including fabulous beaches, steady sales growth and prices up to 15% below average.

Tenerife is also on the spotlight as far as overseas buyers are concerned with Italian buyers overtaking British buyers for the first time as the main group of international buyers. Prices are already increasing, up 5% to an average of €249,000 in 2016 and low cost flights from around Europe make it popular with those looking for a holiday home that they can also let out.

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