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Celebration of the Three Kings






Celebration of the Three Kings

Santa Claus may have gone back to the North Pole to rest, but it doesn’t mean the gift-giving (and receiving) is over - For many Christians, the holiday season doesn’t officially end until the 12th day of Christmas known as the "Feast of the Epiphany” or "Three Kings' Day”.
In Spain, children and many adults polish and leave their shoes ready for the Kings' presents before they go to bed on the 5th of January.  Sweet wine, nibbles, fruit and milk are left for the Kings and their camels.  This is similar to children leaving mince pies or cookies and milk out for Santa Claus or Father Christmas.
The Three Kings Fiesta is the main celebration of Christmas in Javea.
On January 5th the Three Kings arrive in the port of Jávea by fishing trawler to be greeted by local dignitaries, the municipal band and of course hundreds of excited children. A colourful procession winds through the streets of the port to a special stage where their majesties will hand out token presents to the kids who have been waiting patiently in the square. As night falls, the procession climbs up into the old town, the escorts showering excited children with boiled sweets, and arrives at another special stage where more token presents are dished out. The evening has always been a special one in the Christmas calendar when children and adults can expect to receive their presents.
Three Kings Parade - Tuesday, 5th January 2018
17:00h  The Magic Kings arrive at the port and parade in the streets:
              C/Duanas up to Av. Jaume I, where they will greet the Children
19:00h  The Kings will depart to the Historic Centre where the parade will continue
             up to Plazeta del Convento.



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