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Toni Mari Master Iron Sculptor





Javea born artist Toni Mari started his passion for working with metal and wood at a very young age. Aged 14 he began working in the smithy. His first figures were small bulls which symbolised creative energy. He creates his masterpieces from his mind without being drawn out on paper, cuts and welds the iron metal then polishes oxidises with acid and ink protective transparent paint so it protects it whilst retaining its natural beauty


His career really took flight when a master builder visited him at his workshop asking his opinion on the plaza that had been created next door. Toni said it needed a sculpture to bring it to life and so created a donkey which was not used and this found its way to Javea Port but this ignited his career and orders soon came flooding in.


His amazing work can be seen throughout Spain but also in exhibitions worldwide and many figures have been commissioned and placed in New York.


We have some of his amazing sculptures in Javea which can be seen in many areas including the Port and the Arenal. Many of the roundabouts in Javea have his imaginative iron sculptures in place. There are also some amazing pieces to be found in Moraira, one of which is the famous Iron Man looking out to sea. He has also recently been commissioned and created some amazing iron work in the La Bambula restaurant which overlooks the Bay of Javea.





His current work in progress is at his garden centre In Javea which can be found at Art al Camp, Cami Cabanes, 33. This whale is spectacular and will very soon be finished



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